Profit and Recovery

  • You have a business with a fixed amount of expenses (electricity, rent, repairs, advertising, travels, etc.).
  • You have identified the direct cost of producing one unit of your product.
  • You have chosen your selling price.
  • You have identified the quantity you wish to sell.
  • How much profit will you make and how long will it take to recover the investment?
Select your desired monetary unit.
The amount you have invested in the business venture. (i.e. 100,000)
The fixed amount of expenses you expect to incur every month. (i.e. 15,000)
The direct cost incurred everytime you produce one unit. (i.e. 0)
The revenue generated everytime you sell one unit. (i.e. 20)
The number of units you wish to sell each month. (i.e. 1,000)